Who We Are

Jonathan Harvey

Senior Vice President of Construction

“Treat every job like it’s a test,” says Jonathan Harvey, Senior Vice President of Construction. “Devcon’s reputation has been built by satisfying customers.”

Harvey joined Devcon in 1994 as a Project Engineer, was promoted to Project Manager/Estimator in 1996, and was named Vice President of Construction in 2010. He is currently a Senior Vice President of Construction. “I came to Devcon because I believed in Gary Filizetti,” Harvey Explained. “He motivated me to lead, and gave me opportunities for critical decision making.”

Today, Harvey enjoys playing a similar role himself, mentoring the young professionals he helps recruit. “I want them to learn the lessons I’ve learned without having to go through it themselves,” he said. “If you didn’t learn something today, then it was a wasted day.”

Harvey earned his bachelor’s degree in Commerce with an emphasis on Finance from Santa Clara University in 1991. How did that lead to managing projects for a general contractor? “The tangible results of construction are pretty rewarding,” he said. “Budgeting and finance are continuous processes. You never finish. Here I can look at a building and say, ‘Hey, I helped create that.’”

His extensive training and experience with scheduling, estimating and project management software made Harvey a natural and early advocate for Devcon’s adoption of lean construction techniques, green building and building information modeling (BIM). Further, he earned a certification in LEED, Concepts and Strategies.

Contact Jonathan Harvey at: jharvey@devcon-const.com