Who We Are


The word at the center of everything Devcon Construction does and stands for is “partner.” The company began as a partnership of contractors, architects and developers, and naturally carried over that sensibility to its relationships with both customers and staff.

As Gary Filizetti, Devcon’s President, often says, ” There’s a reason 95% of our business comes from repeat customers – people trust us.” That trust arises from Devcon’s desire to understand its customers’ needs and goals, and to meet them.

“We want to deliver on their vision, and make them look good,” explained Daisy Pereira, a Vice President of Construction. “For us that means going beyond the call of duty, and setting clear expectations, for us and for the customer. Communication is key.”

Another Vice President of Construction, Andy Schatzman, adds “Devcon is all about fairness and teamwork – with our customers, with our subcontractors and with outside architects and engineers. It means understanding everyone’s strengths, weaknesses and needs, and knowing how to be fair, but tough.”

“The principles Gary Filizetti has instilled in us – integrity, honesty, trust, and teamwork – make our mission statement ring true,” according to Vice President of Construction Jonathan Harvey. “At Devcon the office and the field staff are valued equally because we all know that our product quality depends on everyone working together.”

Structure tends toward fluidity, with project managers, project engineers and other team members flowing to the project for which they are best suited. “That fluid structure means we don’t have as many levels or titles as some people are used to,” said CFO Bret Sisney.

As a veteran of large, highly structured corporate environments, Sisney sees Devcon as the best of both worlds. “We do large, challenging, interesting projects, and yet maintain the close-knit environment of a family. Employees are Devcon’s biggest asset, and we have built a strong foundation that supports us all.”