Start with the end in mind. That maxim applies especially well to construction projects. For Devcon, “the end” that we start with goes well beyond how a project will look silhouetted against a cloud-filled sky or the cozy feel of the lobby. For Devcon, “the end” is the dream our customer had when the project was first conceived. How do we satisfy it? How do we improve it? How do we make the lives of those who will live or work in it better? Most of the answers are found during Preconstruction.

Devcon professionals join the design phase early, bringing the benefit of our experience and team member expertise with:

  • Materials selection
  • Construction systems
  • Cost avoidance and
  • Scheduling

The requirements of each project are unique, and we tailor the budgeting and planning processes to suit them. However, we typically produce four detailed budgets during Preconstruction:

Budget 1 – schematic design phase

Budget 2 - design development phase

Budget 3 – 50% construction document stage

Budget 4 – 75% construction document stage

Each successive budget informs the next and helps to shape the choice of materials, schedule, subcontractor selection and purchasing of items with long lead-times. Although construction is, by nature, a dynamic process, Devcon’s goal in every project is “no punchlists.”