General Contracting

Traditionally, a building owner or developer hires a general contractor to handle construction based on an architect’s plans. The general contractor provides cost estimates and schedules, manages the project, acquires all necessary permits, provides all necessary equipment, maintains the “site general conditions” such as trailers and staging of equipment, controls site access and security, and hires subcontractors.

As a builder, Devcon self-performs the demolition, framing, carpentry and concrete work, so most of our subcontractors are in the highly specialized “MEP” trades (mechanical, electrical and plumbing). The project manager and superintendents who supervise day-to-day construction on-site also work for Devcon directly.

For Devcon, the heart of general contracting is relationship management and communication. We need to know, understand and anticipate the needs of our client–the building owner or developer–along with the needs of our client’s architect and engineer, and the needs of our own subcontractors and field staff. Keeping everyone on the same page, pointed in the same direction is the key to a successful project that comes in on time and on budget.