The best practice of Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows Devcon to develop an integrated, virtual working model of a project. It brings teams together, clarifies communication, ensures cooperation, and identifies problems in the virtual world before they become problems in the real world–clash detection.

We use a variety of software tools such as NavisWorks to turn plans into 3D digital models that are fully compatible with systems used by our architecture and engineering partners, furthering Devcon’s technical capabilities through continuous innovation in computer-aided design and construction.

Going beyond the traditional three dimensions of height, width and depth, Devcon uses BIM for well coordinated, expedited scheduling–that is, to control the fourth dimension of time/schedules–4D BIM. We also use BIM for extremely accurate budgeting, making cost the fifth dimension of the project–5D BIM.

Finally, Devcon is invested fully in the ambition of BIM to become the standard tool for building owners to maximize the lifetime value of their properties. A detailed, up-to-date digital model can be used to test ideas for energy savings, alternative materials and wear patterns. With the sixth dimension of equipment and materials information added, 6D BIM becomes a living document that the building owner can use to reduce operational costs over the building’s expected lifespan.