SCU Softball Field Remodel Phases 1-3

Location: Santa Clara
Features: Phase 1
Project featuring a complete demolition of the field, landscaping, and fencing in order to reorient the field in a South to North manor, allowing for an expanded spectator area and future buildings. Project includes an impressive Division 1 Softball complex complete with landscape & irrigation, backstop with protection netting, fenced dugouts, and large flood lights for night games.

Phase 2
Project featuring new concrete pathways throughout the softball complex. Landscaping is also included on the perimeter of the softball complex to beautify the area for students, pedestrians, and fans.

Phase 3
Project featuring a set of stadium style bleachers complete with 200 spacious folding seats, cup holders, ADA accessible spaces, low voltage wiring for a future scoreboard in center field, a backup generator for emergency lighting, and red fines for the future bullpens. Project also includes landscaping, underground utilities, life safety, domestic water lines, sanitary sewer, storm drain, electrical conduit, fire water lines and planning for what Santa Clara University envisions for the Softball Complex in the coming years.
Owner: Santa Clara Univesity
Architect: Devcon Construction, Inc.