UCSC Infill Apartments

Location: Santa Cruz
Features: Construction of seven residential and mixed use buildings at Porter College on the UC Santa Cruz campus. The buildings vary from one to three stories with a total of approximately 117,000 SF. The Cowell and Stevenson Infill Apartments include construction of six residential and mixed use buildings. The buildings vary from two to four stories with a total of approximately 120,000 SF. Additionally, the buildings are predominantly multifamily residential, with wood frame, type five 1-hour construction. In addition to the 151 apartments at the three colleges, various buildings will include mailrooms, laundry rooms, community rooms, music rooms and housing administration offices. Associated site development included demolition of existing buildings, excavation and regarding, tree protection, erosion mitigation measures, roadwork, site utilities, retaining walls, walkways, landscaping and irrigation, relocation of existing utility vaults and the installation of a photovoltaic system.
Owner: UCSC
Architect: BAR Architects