Devcon Corporate Office

Location: Milpitas, CA
Features: Devcon's commitment to Green Building Design and Construction extends into all facets of corporate life at Devcon. The building is a 50,000 SF, one story, concrete tilt building in which we performed full building tenant improvement that includes "open office" architecture throughout. The project also features amenities such as a workout room, locker room, showers, and full exterior landscaping with outdoor patios. Devcon's goal is to show our clients that "Green" Construction and "Lean" Construction practices can be combined in one company to construct a better project at little or no premium. This project is a LEED Gold Award winner.

• 175kw PV system
• Minimum output – 280,000 KWH/yr
• JA Solar 355w modules and SolarEdge inverters with DC optimizers
• Calculated payback 3 years assisted by federal tax credit
• 30-year IRR – 58% return
• 30-year NPV - $1.4 Million
• Cumulative savings 30-years - $2.7 Million
Owner: Devcon Construction, Inc.
Architect: Devcon Construction, Inc.