University Expansion

Location: Redwood City
Features: Project consisting of an expansion to a university’s main campus. The project features demotion to five existing buildings and new construction of nine independent structures. Primary space is comprised of four office buildings totaling 585,000 SF. The office buildings entail warm shell/core steel construction of one 6-story, two 5-story, and one 3-story building. Each office building includes completed cores and lobbies with one building featuring a kitchen, dining area, and conference center. The project also features four independent amenities buildings designed to support the 1.5 million square footage of eventual campus buildout; the amenities consist of approximately 56,000 SF of full shell/tenant improvements including a fitness center with pool, full gym and basketball court, a childcare facility, a communication center and a central utility plant which includes a one million gallon chilled water thermal energy storage tank. The project also consists of one 7-story parking garage with one story below grade; the custom skin, concrete garage is approximately 350,000 SF and houses 1,000 vehicles. Sitework features 18 acres of complete renovation with landscaping, furnishings, pathways, greenways, plazas, two new private streets, city sidewalks, new utility feeds, undergrounding of all adjacent overhead utilities, and recycled water extension to the site from city recycled water facility; sitework also covers three neighborhood intersection renovations.
Owner: Palo Alto Institution
Architect: ZGF Architects