Cisco Bldg K Data Center

Location: San Jose
Features: This project included expanding the existing data center infrastructure of 8,100 SF by 5,800 SF. All construction took place while existing data systems were still running and timing of all scheduled shutdowns were critical. Electrical construction included installation of (2) 600 KW generators parallel to (1) existing 600 KW generator and adding (3) 375 KVA UPS parallel to new switchgear. Lab expansion consisted of adding (3) 150 KVA PDU's. Mechanical construction consisted of installing (2) new roof mounted 215-ton chillers, (3) new 30-ton down flow Pomona units and associated water pipes and piping. Powerlink Monitoring systems remotely monitor diesel generators, UPS's, PDU's, air handlers and temperature humidity sensors. Factory mutual approved fire protection systems include pre-action systems and FM 200 with complete smoke detection systems.
Owner: Cisco Systems