Life Technologies

Location: Pleasanton
Features: 960,000 SF project consisting of two phases. Phase one consists of one 3-story and one 2-story buildings totaling 660,000 SF and a Central Utility Plant. Phase two will have two 3-story buildings. Shell construction features sandblasted, precast panels, glass and aluminum skins with radiused metal roof screens to adhere to the LEED Green Building Criteria. Tenant Improvement construction consists of a manufacturing facility, clean rooms, stainless steel double contained hazardous waste systems and state of the art laboratories with custom designed and fabricated chemical distribution systems. This project is also accompanied by very elaborate landscaping and consists of many fountains, a stream feature, pedestrian paths and an extension/rehabilitation of an old Sycamore creek that once crossed the property when the Ohlone Indians controlled the lands in the area. Sports activity areas and functioning outdoor spaces are also being planned to take advantage of the existing three-acre lake and fountain feature that exists on the existing, picturesque, 80 acre site. Other features include a data center, fitness center, daycare and cafeteria.
Owner: Applied Biosystems
Architect: MBT Architecture