Devcon Life


Devcon Construction began as a partnership of contractors, architects and developers, and that spirit permeates Devcon’s work culture to this day. Each partner brings valuable talents to the team, and takes on important responsibilities for the team, which means integrity, honesty, trust and flexibility are required to achieve success.

Just as Devcon gets 95% of its business from repeat customers, we also have remarkably high levels of staff and crew retention for the industry. As it turns out, customers who feel respected and employees who feel respected tend to stick around.

Devcon asks its teams to go above and beyond the call of duty, and with clearly set expectations, constant communication, an understanding of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, fairness and – above all – trust, they routinely do.

Our partnership-based work culture naturally lends itself to a fluid structure. We have very few fixed structures and very little bureaucracy. Project managers, project engineers and other team members flow to the project for which they are best suited – helping to construct office buildings one day, apartment buildings the next, then universities, warehouses, sports stadiums, shopping centers, hotels and even the occasional lighthouse.


To help Devcon team members have balanced, fulfilling lives, we offer a variety of benefits and non-work activities.



Vacation time, sick time, a personal day, national holidays, bereavement time, jury duty and family medical leave.


A variety of medical insurance options, dental care, vision care, life insurance, disability insurance, as well as a flexible spending account.


Profit sharing, 401K plan and annual bonus.


Devcon University, Safety Training Programs and OSHA Certification


Annual weekend retreat in a resort setting, a holiday party, organized sports teams (basketball, bocce, rugby, skeet shooting, soccer and softball), an on-site fitness center and professional CrossFit training at HQ.


Blood Drives, Second Harvest Food Bank, and Habitat for Humanities


Partnership is a two-way street, and Devcon has traffic going both ways.