Current Projects


700 SANTANA ROW – LOT 9, San Jose:

779,297 SF project consisting of core and shell for a 291,872 SF, 8-story office building with 30,263 SF of shelled retail space.  The skin includes a combination of glass curtain wall, fins, glass storefront, GFRC with punched windows, precast and exposed concrete.  The project also features a 457,162 SF with 1-level of below grade parking structure contiguous with office building and 4-levels of above-grade parking.  The garage, which houses 1,300 vehicles, is an architectural precast and concrete combination enclosed by an architectural expanded mesh system.



98,000 SF tenant improvement within a new 2-story core/shell building constructed by Devcon.  The project features multiple breakrooms, private and open offices, conference rooms, a telepresence room, IDF/MDF rooms and a high-end breakroom with a unique “pyramid” wood ceiling.  Additionally, the project includes installation of an FM-200 fire suppression system in a file document storage room. The main lobby includes terrazzo tile flooring & a video array wall. 



Construction consisting of a 33,000 SF one-story basement gymnasium, as well as a 50,000 SF two-story state-of-the-art basement theater. The gym portion of the project includes training, dance, team locker rooms and therapy rooms with cold/hot plunge pools and an underwater treadmill.  The 60’ high theater building includes large 33’x16’ LED lobby video wall and amenities include a 400 seat full production theater, vocal training rooms, orchestra rooms and a scene shop.  The project also features a rooftop with full array of solar panels.


CADENCE APARTMENTS, South San Francisco:

Project consisting of three separate parcels featuring three Type I and Type III, midrise apartment buildings totaling 260 units.  Parcel A consists of 160 units; Parcel B consists of an on-grade parking lot; and Parcel D consists of 100 units.   Both Parcels A and D feature five levels of wood frame above two on-grade concrete parking levels.  The project also includes amenities and podium courtyards.


1050 PAGE MILL ROAD – PHASE I & II, Palo Alto

Project featuring redevelopment of a 13.5 acre site at the intersection of Page Mill Road and Hansen Way in the Stanford Research Park.  The new 500,000 SF project consists of four all-glass two-story Class A office buildings surrounding an open landscaped courtyard with several fountains, and a dedicated underground parking garage for each building.  Exterior skin includes elements such as glass fins (each building has a dedicated color so that you can easily identify which building you are in or need to go to), flat metal panels, arching metals panels, and large balconies.  The project will receive a LEED Platinum rating. 


1598 BAY STREET, San Francisco:

51,000 SF project consisting of a 4-story concrete residential building with 28 units over one level of subterranean parking garage.  The project includes relevant site work, including excavation, grading, paving, and landscape work.



Construction of a 108,000 SF, 3-story structural steel building with a 10” suspended slab and auger cast pile foundation system.  Project includes the Panelli courtroom which is named after The Justice Edward A. Panelli, five lecture halls, four classrooms, an advocacy classroom, and study rooms.  The project also features conference rooms, a Dean’s suite, law library, over 50 offices for the professors, roof skylights, a café, roof terrace, law school lounge, and glass guardrails on second and third floor opening to floors below.



575,000 SF project consisting of demolition and tenant improvement to two existing 6-story office buildings and two existing 3-story office buildings.  Project includes open office space, technical lab space, café, fitness center, and conference centers.  MEP systems and equipment are completely replaced for the two 6-story buildings, and existing rooftop mechanical units are reused at the two 3-story buildings.  The exterior skin facades of two buildings are renovated, and the project also features a new four-level, 812 stall parking garage and significant site work for Broadcom’s new campus in North San Jose. 



Construction of 48 high-end condominiums of a 143 condominium project on the shores of Lake Tahoe.  Project includes a clubhouse that features a restaurant & bar, pool, fitness center, gym, and spa.



78,760 SF building featuring a 3-story, Type V-A, wood framed slab on grade.  The complex consists of 90 affordable senior housing apartment units with service facilities at the ground floor.  Project also consists of a 2-story open air community room, bike storage, laundry rooms, meeting rooms and exercise room.  This project includes a fast track 11 month schedule due to federal requirements that displaced residents from the previous complex; residents needed to be moved back in within one year. 



Mixed-use project consisting of commercial and residential buildings.  The commercial portion consists of a 96,579 SF warm shell office with retail, and three levels of subterranean parking.  Work includes removal of an existing parking lot and the construction of a shell and core building.  Site work consists of construction of a trash and generator enclosure and an exterior courtyard.  The residential portion of this project features an 18,078 SF, 3-story mixed-use residential building.  The building sits on podium level with an underground garage below, shared with the adjacent office building on the site.  The units consist of four 1-bedroom single story flats, eight 2-story townhomes, and a 3,450 SF ground level parish office.  The building’s exterior materials consist of cement plaster exterior finish with three different colors, a ceramic tile roof to match the adjacent church, as well as ornate metal balcony railings and wood trellises to help blend into the existing context.



Project consisting of three concrete tilt-up shell buildings totaling 259,600 SF.  Each building includes 6” SOG, concrete tilt-up panels with approximately 28’ clear height to bottom of truss, loading docks, ESFR fire system, metal deck with TPO roofing.  Site is approximately 20.5 acres and includes grading and paving, along with underground utilities and tie ins to existing utilities and landscaping work. 



Design/build core and shell office development consisting of steel buildings and unitized curtain wall system. Project consists of one 5-story office building approximately 166,000 SF and one 6-story office building approximately 198,000 SF.  The buildings are connected at the third floor by a pedestrian bridge called the “Highline” walkway.


601 MARSHALL, Redwood City:

250,000 SF project consisting of an 8-story above grade building and a 2-story below grade parking garage to accommodate 255 vehicles.  Project features 120,000 SF of office space with ground floor commercial/retail space. 



Project consisting of an expansion to Stanford University’s main campus.  The project features demotion to five existing buildings and new construction of nine independent structures.  Primary space is comprised of four office buildings totaling 585,000 SF.  The office buildings entail warm shell/core steel construction of one 6-story, two 5-story, and one 3-story building.  Each office building includes completed cores and lobbies with one building featuring a kitchen, dining area, and conference center.   The project also features four independent amenities buildings designed to support the 1.5 million square footage of eventual campus buildout; the amenities consist of approximately 56,000 SF of full shell/tenant improvements including a fitness center with pool, full gym and basketball court, a childcare facility, a communication center and a central utility plant which includes a one million gallon chilled water thermal energy storage tank. The project also consists of one 7-story parking garage with one story below grade; the custom skin, concrete garage is approximately 350,000 SF and houses 1,000 vehicles.  Sitework features 18 acres of complete renovation with landscaping, furnishings, pathways, greenways, plazas, two new private streets, city sidewalks, new utility feeds, undergrounding of all adjacent overhead utilities, and recycled water extension to the site from city recycled water facility; sitework also covers three neighborhood intersection renovations.



69,132 SF project consisting of a 4-story, 66 unit senior affordable apartment building with 6,160 SF of common area space at the 1st floor.  Project features a lobby, common kitchen/community space, balance studio/yoga room, computer room, and common laundry.  The first floor also includes 9,401 SF of retail space for up to five future tenants, including restaurant space.



Design/build project consisting of demolition of a 5-building campus, with new construction of a 3-level, 525,000 SF Class A office building above a 2-level, 540,000 SF below grade parking garage.  This iconic, open floor concept building has an exposed, triangular grid structural steel framing over PT concrete podium.  Unique features include faceted, architectural roof with 260 triangle skylights, aluminum panel interior “heart” structure, raised floors with underfloor HVAC, in-slab radiant heating/cooling, 220,000 SF of terrazzo flooring and a 90’ central atrium.  Project also includes offsite improvements, “make ready” work package with public sewer main relocation, and nine acres of site work. The project will receive a LEED Gold rating.


1201 TENNESSEE STREET, San Francisco:

235,000 SF design/build apartment complex consisting of 259 units and 1,840 SF of retail space; the project consists of six stories and a mezzanine.  The parking lot houses 147 vehicles and 273 bikes.  Amenities include a tech room, bike shop, fitness room, clubhouse kitchen and bar, outdoor landscaped courtyard with BBQ and fireplace, and community roof deck with views of the bay.  



Construction of a new 31,009 SF 3- story mixed-use building consisting of office and retail.  Project also features a 34,745 SF below grade parking garage housing 64 vehicles.



Design/build mixed-use project organized into six blocks/buildings.  Blocks 1 and 2 are underlain by a 4-level below grade parking garage totaling 472,000 SF.  Each of the two blocks consists of a 6-story concrete building.  The first floors of the two buildings feature retail/restaurant/commercial space totaling 54,000 SF and floors 2-6 feature office space totaling 451,000 SF.  Blocks 3 and 4 are not included at this time.  Block 5 consists of a large parking garage with 1-level below grade and eight levels above grade totaling 546,900 SF.  The first floor consists of 12,600 SF of retail space.  Block 6 features 19,000 SF of retail/restaurant on the first floor, and a 55,000 SF theater on the second floor.



Project consisting of one new three-story parking structure totaling approximately 311,000 SF. Structure type is cast in place concrete and skin includes combination of precast/thinshell, metal paneling/cladding, and curtainwall/storefront systems.   The project will receive a LEED Silver rating. 



Project consisting of one new five-story parking structure totaling approximately 950,000 SF.  Structure features precast concrete beams and columns with poured in place decks, a geo-pier foundation, as well as, provisions for electrical vehicle charges at the roof and ground floor level.  Skin includes combination of precast/thinshell, metal paneling/cladding, and curtainwall/storefront systems.  The project will receive a LEED Silver rating.  


3333 SCOTT BLVD. – PHASE 3, BUILDINGS E, F & G, Santa Clara:

Project consisting of three new eight-story steel structures with augercast piles totaling approximately 930,000 SF of warm shell and mixed-use core commercial space.  Skin includes combination of precast/thinshell, metal paneling/cladding, and curtain wall/storefront systems.  Buildings E & F are connected by an enclosed bridge at the 4th floor.  Phase 3 of the project features new site work, layout, including an amphitheater, reclaimed water irrigation system, and new colored concrete and planting throughout.  The project will receive a LEED Silver rating. 


3333 SCOTT BLVD. – PHASE 3, BUILDING H, Santa Clara:

Project consisting of one new two-story steel structure totaling approximately 30,000 SF of warm shell for amenity space including a full kitchen/cafeteria and gym with an indoor basketball court.  Skin includes combination of precast/thinshell, metal paneling/cladding, and curtainwall/storefront systems.  The project will receive a LEED Silver rating.


3333 SCOTT BLVD. – PHASE 2, BUILDING D, Santa Clara:

Project consisting of one new six-story steel structure with augercast piles totaling approximately 240,880 SF of warm shell and mixed-use core commercial space.  Skin includes combination of precast/thinshell, metal paneling/cladding, and curtain wall/storefront systems.  Phase 2 of the project features new site work, layout, including a reclaimed water irrigation system, and new colored concrete and planting throughout.  The project will receive a LEED Silver rating. 


3170 PORTER DRIVE, Palo Alto:

Demolition of existing building with excavation for underground parking, construction of 96,000 SF 2-story office core and shell.   


1450 PAGE MILL ROAD, Palo Alto:

78,000 SF R & D building consisting of a 2-story building and 1-story below grade parking garage approximately 42,000 SF.  The building consists of structural steel, metal decking, a combination of terra cotta, glass/glazing, and zinc metal wall panels.  Project also features three walkable balcony areas at level two.